October 5, 1999

9:00 a.m.

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Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Philip J. Rock



Remarks by Salme Steinberg, President, Northeastern Illinois University



Remarks by Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director



Resolution in Honor of Rey Brune former Member, Board of Higher Education



Resolution in Honor of Edwin H. Moore, Member, Board of Higher Education



Presentation of Institutional Results Reports

“The Illinois Commitment: Partnerships, Opportunities, and Excellence” requires higher education institutions and agencies to annually report on their contributions to achieving the six statewide goals: economic growth, teaching and learning, affordability, access and diversity, high expectations and quality, and productivity and accountability. The reports afford each an opportunity to identify: 1) the contributions it is making currently and intends to make in the future toward achieving the state goals, 2) the specific results it has already achieved or expects to achieve in the short term, and 3) the specific performance measures for which it will be held accountable in the future. The first annual reports were submitted by institutions in August. Institutions have been selected to make brief presentations on their “best practices”, i.e. the one thing the institution or agency is doing that best illustrates its efforts in achieving “The Illinois Commitment” goals. (Introductions by Keith R. Sanders)



Presentation by Harold “Bud” Hodgkinson, Institute for Educational Leadership, Center for Demographic Policy

Dr. Hodgkinson will present information regarding access and diversity of higher education. (Introduction by Jerry Blakemore)



Report on House Resolution 304

House Resolution 304 directs the Board of Higher Education, the Illinois Community College Board, and the State Board of Education to work together to examine the most appropriate venue and agenda for adult education and submit a report and recommendations to the General Assembly. Public hearings were held on August 31 in Chicago and on September 1 in Springfield to gather testimony on these issues. This presentation will provide a progress report on the work of the three Boards in fulfilling the requirements of House Bill 304. (Presentation by Philip Rock)



Report on the Joint Education Committee

The Joint Education Committee JEC) met on September 20 to continue work on implementation of the P-16 Partnership Agreement. This report will provide an update on the work of the JEC. (Presentation by Jane Williamson)



Post Graduation Plans of Spring 1999 Illinois High School Graduates

Dr. Daniel Layzell, MGT of America, will present findings from a survey of spring 1999 Illinois high school graduates. The survey asked high school graduates whether or not they intended to enroll in a college or university, and if so what factors contributed to their college choice decisions. (Introduction by Keith R. Sanders)



Capital Scholars Program at the University of Illinois at Springfield (Action)

The University of Illinois at Springfield requests authority to establish the Capital Scholars Program, an interdisciplinary lower-division general education program with a public affairs emphasis. The program will serve a small group of well-prepared, full-time freshmen that will live on campus and attend classes during the day. (Presentation by Keith R. Sanders)



Public University Noninstructional Project Approval (Action)

This item recommends approval for construction of a $38.5 million convocation center at Northern Illinois (Presentation by Keith R. Sanders)



Proposed Rules for Graduation Incentive Grants (Action)

Public Act 90-750 created incentive grants for four-year public universities that offer undergraduate students contracts under which the university commits itself to provide the course, programs, and support services necessary to enable students to graduate within four years. Funds for the new grant program, to be administered by the Board of Higher Education, were appropriated for the first time for fiscal year 2000. (Ross Hodel)



Advisory Committee Reports


Consent Agenda and Information Agenda (Action)

A list of consent agenda and information agenda items follows the regular agenda.



Other Matters




Minutes of the August 24, 1999 Board Meeting


Financial Report – Office Operations (Debra Smitley)


New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges

Approval is requested for five new A.A.S. degree programs at five community colleges. (Ann Bragg)



New Operating and/or Degree Granting Authority for Independent Institutions.

Approval is recommended for operating and/or degree granting authority for the Institute for Clinical Social Work, ITT Technical Institute at Burr Ridge, Lewis University, National-Louis University, Robert Morris College, and Rockford College.(Ann Bragg)



Amendments to Rules for Program Approval for Public Institutions

This item presents the staff’s recommendation for final action on amendments to administrative rules for approval of new units of instruction, research, and public service at public institutions. In October 1998, the Board endorsed a plan to streamline processes for approval of programs offered by public community colleges and public universities. The amended rules implement the proposed new processes. (Ann Bragg)



II-1 Legislative Report:  Governor's Action on Substantive Legislation

This report includes a summary and status of higher education legislation passed during the 1999 spring session of the General Assembly. (Ross Hodel)

II-2 Update on Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Development

This item provides a status report on the development of the fiscal year 2001 budget recommendations. Budget overview meetings have been held with several institutions, and will be completed in October. Staff recommendations will be presented for Board consideration in December 1999. (Debra Smitley)

III-3 Committee on Access and Diversity

The Committee on Access and Diversity will meet following the Board luncheon. The meeting will be held in Room 217 of the Student Union. (Doug Day)