June 6, 2000

9:00 a.m.

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1. Announcements and Remarks by Chairman Philip J. Rock
2. Remarks by Stuart Fagan, President, Governors State University
3. Remarks by Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director
4. Resolution in Honor of Troy Arnoldi, Student Member, Board of Higher Education (Action)
5. The Illinois Articulation Initiative:   Revised General Education Core Curriculum and an Additional Baccalaureate Major Endorsement (Action)

In May 2000, the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) began its third year of easing the transfer of students among Illinois colleges and universities. The IAI also completed its first “fifth-year review” of the transferable General Education Core Curriculum. This item requests Board of Higher Education endorsement for the Revised General Education Core Curriculum to become effective for freshmen entering in summer 2001 and beyond. The item also requests Board endorsement for one more baccalaureate major agreement and presents preliminary findings from an evaluation survey of representatives of participating institutions. (Presentation by Ann Bragg)

6. Recommendation for Certificate of Approval and Authorization to Operate and Grant Degrees:   Cardean University (Action)

Cardean University is a wholly owned subsidiary of LLC, a private for-profit Limited Liability Company founded in December 1997 for the purpose of delivering high quality educational services to an international clientele.   The University has applied to operate and grant the following degrees in the state of Illinois: Master of Business Administration; Master of Science in Information Management; and Master of Science in Information Technology. (Presentation by Marcia Langsjoen)

7. The Prairie State Examination: An Endorsement and Recommendation (Action)

This item recommends Board of Higher Education endorsement of the State Board of Education’s proposals with respect to the Prairie State Examination. An oral report will be given on the Joint Education Committee’s work on the P-16 initiative. (Presentation by Jane Williamson)

8. Appointments to the Board of the University Center of Lake County (Action)

A copy of this item will be presented at the Board meeting.   It will recommend names identified by members of the Board’s Subcommittee to Study the Educational Needs of Lake County for appointment to the Board of the University Center of Lake County. (Presentation by Philip J. Rock)

9. Illinois Century Network


A. Illinois Century Network Regional Technology Centers Fiscal Year 2000 Grant Allocations (Action)

This item recommends an allocation of $4.5 million from the fiscal year 2000 appropriation for the Illinois Century Network. The grants will support the establishment of eight Regional Technology Centers to support the Illinois Century Network. (Presentation by Neil Matkin)

  B. Illinois Century Network Backbone Content Development Fiscal Year 2000 Grant Allocations (Action)

This item recommends an allocation of funds for development of program content to be carried on the Illinois Century Network. (Presentation by Ross Hodel)

10. Committee on Access and Diversity Update

This oral report will provide an update on the work of the Committee on Access and Diversity’s committee meetings, and next steps. (Presentation by Jerry D. Blakemore)

11. Response to the Student Advisory Committee’s Proposed Changes to Student Fee Policies

This item considers the student fee proposal presented by the Board’s Student Advisory Committee in April 2000; reviews current institutional practices, and recommends for consideration changes to Board policies to ensure adequate student involvement in fee matters while preserving recognized institutional governance authority.(Presentation by Debra Smitley)

CA-1. Minutes of the April 4, 2000 Board Meeting
Minutes of the May 11, 2000 Special Meeting
CA-2. Financial Report – Office Operations (Debra Smitley)
CA-3. Higher Education Cooperation Act (HECA) Fiscal Year 2001 Grant Allocations: Library Resource Sharing Projects

This item recommends an allocation of the fiscal year 2001 appropriation of $1.5 million for library resource sharing projects. Funding is recommended for five proposals supporting library resource sharing activities at 155 institutions of higher education.(Ross Hodel)

CA-4 Illinois Consortium for Educational Opportunity Program Fiscal Year 2001 Allocation of Financial Awards
Performance Audit of Illinois Minority Graduate Fellowship Programs

This item recommends approval for the allocation of the fiscal year 2001 appropriation of $1.6 million for the Illinois Consortium for Educational Opportunity Act. These awards provide assistance to minority graduate students in Illinois public and private colleges and universities. The item also summarizes the findings of a recent study of the program. (Ross Hodel)

CA-5 New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges

This item recommends approval of three new Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree programs at two community colleges. (Diane Gilleland)

CA-6 New Units of Instruction, Research and Public Service at Public Universities

This item recommends approval of a new off-campus master’s program in Instructional Technology for Northern Illinois University.(Diane Gilleland)

CA-7 New Operating and/or Degree-Granting Authority for Independent Institutions

This item recommends new operating and/or degree granting authority for six independent Illinois institutions. (Diane Gilleland)

CA-8 Appropriations Transfers for Fiscal Year 2000

This item recommends approval for appropriation transfers for the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and the Illinois Board of Higher Education. (Debra Smitley)

CA-9 Public University Noninstructional Project Approval

This item recommends approval for noninstructional capital improvements at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and the University of Illinois at Springfield.(Sharon Ward)




II-1. Legislative Report
  A. Report on Substantive Legislation

This item provides a brief summary and status of bills enacted by the General Assembly during the spring 2000 legislative session.The item describes Governor Ryan’s actions on the bills as of Friday, May 19, 2000. (Ross Hodel)

  B. Report on Higher Education Appropriations:  Fiscal Year 2001

State general funds appropriations approved by the Governor and the General Assembly for higher education operations and grants in fiscal year 2001 total $2.5 billion, an increase of $132.6 million, or 5.6 percent, over fiscal year 2000. Appropriations for higher education capital improvements total $218.1 million, and will support 40 new capital projects in fiscal year 2001. This report provides detailed information regarding the appropriations by institution and program. (Debra Smitley)

II-2. Institutional Grant Programs Administered by the Board of Higher Education

This item describes each grant program and includes the objectives, the fiscal year 2001 appropriation, and the application schedules and procedures for state and federal grant programs administered by the Board of Higher Education.(Ross Hodel)