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August 12, 2003
9:00 a.m.

Chicago State University
Business and Health Sciences Building, Room 102
9501 South Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Chicago, Illinois

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1. Call Meeting to Order, Chairman James L. Kaplan
2. Announcements and Remarks, Chairman James L. Kaplan

Remarks by Elnora D. Daniel, President, Chicago State University

4. Resolution Honoring R. Eden Martin (Action)
5. Remarks by Daniel J. LaVista, Executive Director

Advisory Committee Reports
Committees that advise the Illinois Board of Higher Education will comment on their respective committee's perspectives and observations concerning items on the meeting agenda. (Presentations by Allan Karnes, Faculty Advisory Council; Jeff Twardowski, Student Advisory Committee; Ronald Taylor, Proprietary Advisory Committee; Terry Ludwig, Council of Community College Presidents; and Donald Fouts, Private College and University Advisory Committee.)


Report on Midwestern Higher Education Commission
This oral report will provide an update on activities of the Midwestern Higher Education Commission, a compact of Midwestern states charged with promoting interstate cooperation and resource sharing. (Presentation by Jerry D. Blakemore)


Opportunities for Leadership: Strategies for Improving Faculty Diversity in Illinois Higher Education (Action)
In April 2003, the Board presented a study on ways to increase faculty diversity and directed staff to circulate the study and its preliminary recommendations among members of Illinois higher education and other interested persons for their comments and suggestions. The final report, revised as a result of these consultations, is included in these agenda materials.

This companion document highlights the final report's recommendations, itemizes the cost of implementation, describes comments received on the April preliminary report, explains changes made to that report, and presents the list of final recommendations for consideration by the Board. There also is a brief summary of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on the use of race/ethnic criteria in admissions at the University of Michigan. (Presentation by Doug Day)


Final Report and Recommendations of the Committee on Affordability (Action)
In August 2002, the Board of Higher Education created a Committee on Affordability comprised of members from the Board and the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. The Committee was charged with conducting a comprehensive and objective analysis of affordability issues, with the goals of assessing what changes have taken place in affordability of Illinois higher education over time, whom those changes have affected, and what actions can reasonably be taken at the state and institutional levels, as well as by students and their families, to enhance affordability.

The work of the Committee builds on the recommendations of the Board's 1994 Committee to Study Affordability and has involved a review of relevant research, various data analyses, and testimony from national experts on trends and issues related to affordability. The Committee also solicited input and opinions from throughout the state on issues of concern regarding affordability as well as on an initial draft set of recommendations.

This report provides a historical perspective on affordability in Illinois and nationally, reviews the multifaceted relationships underlying college affordability, and presents a series of recommendations relating to enhancing academic preparation, assisting needy students, and keeping costs affordable. (Presentation by J. Robert Barr and Robert English)


Progress Report and Plans for Fiscal Year 2004
The report highlights the Board's accomplishments over the past 16 months and presents plans for fiscal year 2004. (Presentation by Daniel J. LaVista)


Setting a Context for Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Development: An Overview of Preliminary Issues
This item presents information on state funding trends, recaps recent state higher education budgetary actions affecting higher education, reviews various accountability measures, considers state revenue availability and budgetary pressures for fiscal year 2005, and reviews higher education's budgetary priorities. The information illustrates both the significant investment made by Illinois in its system of higher education over time, as well as the implications of the more recent fiscal difficulties experienced by the state. While it is still very early in the fiscal year 2005 budget development process, it is clear that there will continue to be very limited resources available and many needs and budget pressures to be addressed. Thus, it is imperative that the Board and higher education community carefully examine budget needs and articulate clearly focused budget priorities. (Presentation by Dan Layzell)


Recommended Actions to Expand and Enhance Public University Annual Operating Budget Review, Approval, and Oversight (Action)
This item recommends an expanded role for public university board of trustees review, approval, and oversight of institutional budgets. The recommendations are intended to further enhance existing internal and external accountability systems by promoting full disclosure of budgetary information and increased accountability within the statutory powers and historic stewardship role of institutional governing boards regarding their universities. (Presentation by Dan Layzell)

13. General Grants - Authorizations to Proceed with Fiscal Year 2004 Grant Distribution (Action)
This item recommends that the Executive Director proceed with the distribution of fiscal year 2004 general grants, i.e., appropriations made to the Board of Higher Education for specific projects. Appropriations for general grants in fiscal year 2004 total $5.5 million. (Presentation by Debra Smitley)

Higher Education Cooperation Act - Fiscal Year 2004 Grant Allocations (Action)
This item recommends an allocation of the $10.6 million appropriated for Higher Education Cooperation Act grants in fiscal year 2004. Of the total amount recommended, $5.8 million are for grants selected on a competitive basis and $4.8 million are for grants specifically earmarked in the appropriations for this grant program. (Presentation by Terry Nunn)


2003 Compilation of Master Plan Policies for Illinois Higher Education
This item presents an updated compilation of the policies of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The document builds upon the "1997 Master Plan Policies for Illinois Higher Education" document by adding those policies and statewide goals adopted by the Board since 1997. (Presentation by Debra Smitley)


Report from Committee on Health Professions Education Programs (Action)
This item presents the findings and recommendations of the Board's Committee on Health Professions Education Programs. The Committee was charged with assessing educational needs in the health professions and the extent to which Illinois higher education is supplying qualified professionals to address these needs; reviewing enrollment, graduation, and cost trends over the last ten years; reviewing the Health Services Education Grants Act program and recommending any adjustments necessary to coincide with policy recommendations, strengthen program accountability, and ensure that formula components align health education programs to statewide goals; and reviewing current Board policies concerning health education professions and recommend changes as necessary to address current and projected needs.

The report concludes that the current policies are adequate and should be maintained. The report recommends adjustments to the Board's priorities and guidelines to reflect current statewide needs in the health professions. Adjustments to these priorities will necessitate changes to the programs currently supported under the Health Services Education Grants Act (HSEGA) program, ensuring that state resources are targeted to those areas of highest need. The Committee recommends that health professions policies and priorities be reviewed every four years, new grant categories to address emerging needs for doctoral programs in nursing and physical therapy, and additional accountability measures for the HSEGA program. (Presentation by James L. Kaplan)

17. New Units of Instruction at Public Community Colleges (Action)
This item recommends approval of new associate in applied science degrees at Illinois Valley Community College, Lincoln Land Community College and Rock Valley College. (Presentation by Diane Gilleland)
18. New Units of Instruction, Public Service and Research at Public Universities (Action)
This item recommends approval of three new master's degree programs at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. (Presentation by Diane Gilleland)
19. New Operating and/or Degree-Granting Authority for Independent Institutions (Action)
This item recommends operating and/or degree-granting authority for the following institutions: American InterContinental University Online, Argosy University-Chicago West Campus, Franklin University, Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, International Academy of Design and Technology, National-Louis University, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, Westwood College of Technology-Chicago Loop, Westwood College of Technology-DuPage, Westwood College of Technology-O'Hare Airport, and Westwood College of Technology-River Oaks. (Presentation by Diane Gilleland)
20. Consent Agenda (Action)
21. Other Matters/Public Comment Period
CA-1. Board Meeting Minutes - June 3, 2003
CA-2. Financial Report

Public University Noninstructional Project Approval
This item recommends approval for noninstructional capital improvement projects at Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. (Sharon Ward)


Membership of Advisory Committees for 2003-2004
This item presents recommendations concerning Board Advisory Committee Membership in 2003-2004. (Debra Smitley)

II-1. Legislative Report
This item will provide an update on the actions Governor Blagojevich has taken on legislation approved by the General Assembly during the 2003 spring legislative session. (Debra Smitley)
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