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  • Final Report and Recommendations of the Committee on Affordability .pdf (8/2003)
    In August 2002, the Board of Higher Education created a Committee on Affordability comprised of members from the Board and the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. The Committee was charged with conducting a comprehensive and objective analysis of affordability issues, with the goals of assessing what changes have taken place in affordability of Illinois higher education over time, whom those changes have affected, and what actions can reasonably be taken at the state and institutional levels, as well as by students and their families, to enhance affordability.

    The work of the Committee builds on the recommendations of the Board's 1994 Committee to Study Affordability and has involved a review of relevant research, various data analyses, and testimony from national experts on trends and issues related to affordability. The Committee also solicited input and opinions from throughout the state on issues of concern regarding affordability as well as on an initial draft set of recommendations.

    This report provides a historical perspective on affordability in Illinois and nationally, reviews the multifaceted relationships underlying college affordability, and presents a series of recommendations relating to enhancing academic preparation, assisting needy students, and keeping costs affordable.

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