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March 15, 2006


SPRINGFIELD – Fifty-six finalists have been selected to exhibit their works for the 2006 Annual Collegiate Artists Competition.

Juror Phyllis Bramson, an internationally recognized painter, chose the finalists from among 282 student-artists who submitted 699 entries in the third annual competition sponsored by the Office of the Governor, the Illinois Board of Higher Education, and the state’s community of colleges and universities.

Finalists will exhibit their artworks from May 4-June 16, 2006, at the State Street Gallery of Robert Morris College at 401 S. State Street in Chicago.

An Awards Ceremony and Reception to honor finalists and winners in the competition will be held on Saturday, May 6, from 3-6 p.m. at Robert Morris College’s State Street Gallery.

Final judging and naming of winners of various artistic categories and winners of four $1,000 purchase awards will occur before the Awards Ceremony.

Major sponsors of the competition include the Illinois Community College Board, the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, and Robert Morris College.

The list of finalists for the 2006 Annual Collegiate Artists Competition follows:

  • Linda Brady, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, “Rembrandt,” Charcoal
  • Rebekah Brown, Greenville College, “Disposable Dress IV,” Mixed media
  • Paige Brubeck, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “Nervous Habit,” Electronic
  • Tyanna Buie, Western Illinois University, “Forest,” Printmaking
  • Kristen Burke, Dominican University, “Running Water,” Painting
  • Erica Buss, Bradley University, “I’m Not Ready to be Institutionalized,” Painting
  • Chen Li Chang, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “Chang’s Newlyweds,” Oil painting
  • Liz Cockrum, Harper College, “Katelyn,” Photography
  • Jeremy Crawford, John A. Logan College, “Identity Book,” Sculpture
  • Esteban del Valle, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, “Father and Child,” Painting
  • Judy Dethmers, Parkland College, “Education Pays,” Painting
  • Natalie Doolittle, Judson College, “Riddance of Materialism,” Drawing
  • Gina Ferguson, Elmhurst College, “Mama’s Little Helper,” Photography
  • Michelle Fernandez, Illinois Institute of Art, “Painting Itself (red),” Painting
  • J. Morgan Ferry, Bradley University, “Heroes,” Printmaking
  • Susan Fleming, Olivet Nazarene University, “Kaleidoscope,” Electronic
  • Brian Galbreath, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, “Table Lamp,” Sculpture
  • Marigold Goetz, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Princess & Peacock,” Oil on canvas
  • Elizabeth Gresey, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “Yvonne,” Photography
  • Kristin Haas, Northeastern Illinois University, “Cityscape,” Acrylic on masonite
  • Tyler Harris, Springfield College in Illinois, “Sleeping Giant,” Drawing
  • Jessica Harvey, Columbia College Chicago, “The Color Door,” Photography
  • Melissa Heintzelman, Joliet Junior College, “Crispin Hellion Glover,” Painting
  • Flannery Inman, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “Nude #1,” Painting
  • Sal Jimenez, Robert Morris College, “I,” Drawing
  • Nate Jones, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, “The Emotional Propagandists,” Photolithography
  • Whitney M. Johnson, Western Illinois University, “Self Portrait as Bald,” Painting
  • Crystal Kepple, Western Illinois University, “Deepening Darkness,” Painting
  • Sarah Kibblesmith, Triton College, “Creepy Clown,” Charcoal
  • Kristen Koenig-Morel, Oakton Community College, “Everyday,” Drawing
  • Jennifer Krantz, Northern Illinois University, “Invisible Gem,” Painting
  • Cheng-Yung Kuo, South Suburban College, “Reflection on Reality....#20,” Photography
  • Helena Langley, Southwestern Illinois College, “Walk with Me,” Sculpture
  • Cynthia Lehman, College of DuPage, “Chicago Life,” Photography
  • Joseph Lekas, Dominican University, “Aquatic Sky,” Photography
  • Thomas Lewandowski, Westwood College of Technology, “Bug World,” Photography
  • Paula McAteer, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, “Those Help Those Who Help Themselves,” Oil on canvas
  • Colleen McCarty, Augustana College, “Submerged,” Painting
  • Mark Neil, Principia College, “MMMNM,” Graphite
  • Michelle Phillips, Western Illinois University, “A Dream Lacking Serenity,” Silkscreen
  • Roger Popwell, Southwestern Illinois College, “Landscape,” Digital photography
  • Michelle Ramirez, Northern Illinois University, “Untitled,” Fiber
  • Katie Rask, Dominican University, “Glass Bricks,” Photography
  • Leif Sandberg, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Saga of the Greenlanders,” Watercolor
  • Denise Schilling, Southwestern Illinois College, “Lady,” Digital imaging
  • Jason Schipkowski, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, “Untitled #2,” Photography
  • Dan Sloan, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Camaro & White Sneakers,” Painting
  • Rachel Smith, Illinois State University, “Glass Fashion Barbie” I and II, Sand cast glass
  • Leroy Stevens, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Spotlight 88,” Acrylic on canvas
  • Charles Taylor, Western Illinois University, “Fake Suicide Man,” Printmaking
  • Meghan Toppel, Dominican University, “Untitled,” Digital photography
  • Nicole Valle, South Suburban College, “Bridgeton Mills,” Oil painting
  • Jason Vote, Joliet Junior College, “Invisible (Self Portrait),” Drawing
  • Holly Wade , John A. Logan College, “Frank Sinatra’s Bowling Hat,” Drawing
  • Chad Williamsen, Dominican University, “Original Scans,” Photography
  • Bryan Yelk, Western Illinois University, “A Symbol of Might & Memory,” Sculpture

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