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December 23 Maryland Educator Named IBHE Executive Director
December 23 Board Names Task Force to Study MAP Bonding Proposal
December 15 Nurses Teaching Nurses
November 23 Illinois Public Agenda 2.0
November 8 Commission to Recommend Reform of Higher Education Funding
October 4 Finding A Better Way To Fund Higher Education For Illinois
September 24 Putting Our Money Where Our Goals Are
September 22 Linking Student Aid to Student Success
August 27 Higher Ed Official to Outline Funding Scheme Linking Dollars to Degrees
August 10 Board Names Sevener Interim Executive Director
August 6 Finding New Pathways to Jobs
July 26 Commission Formed to Rethink Higher Ed Finance
June 14 Big Goal/Big Public Agenda
May 17 Hightman Applauds SIU Board for Holding Line on Tuition
April 22 Illinois College Students Urge Action to Bolster Higher Ed Budget
March 26 Miguel Del Valle, P-20 Council Chair, to Address IBHE
March 11 Reacts to Gov. Quinn’s Budget Message
March 3 Governor Names Two To Board Of Higher Education 
February 12 Hightman Urges Legislative Action on Cash Crisis
Janurary 19 Budget Crisis At Center Stage For IBHE
November 24
Gains for Minorities in College, But Achievement Gap Persists  
October 15
Education Leaders Salute Students for MAP Advocacy
September 28
New Website Aims to Diversify Faculty Ranks
September 28
IBHE to Focus on Affordability Crisis
August 3

IBHE to Focus on Helping College Students Cross Finish Line

May 26
IBHE To Focus On Luring Adult Learners To College
March 27
Board to Launch Initiative on Higher Ed Funding
Janurary 21
IBHE to Consider FY2010 Budget Tied to Public Agenda Goals
December 12
Governor Names Joliet Businessman To IBHE
November 20
Gains Reported, But Gaps Remain For Minorities In College
November 15
Higher Ed Leaders Applaud New Community College Readiness Program
October 22
IBHE Chair Urges New Direction In Education Priorities
September 21
Report on Partnership to Bolster Student Transfer Highlights IBHE Meeting
August 3
IBHE to Hear Report on Crucial K-12 Link With Higher Ed
May 29
Improve P-20 Connections, Education Reform Expert Advises
May 5

School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago Student Wins Governor’s Award In State Artists Competition

April 18
Improving Diversity In Higher Education
March 23

Finalists Named For 2007 Artists Competition

March 19
Key Legislators to Discuss Issues With IBHE
March 7
Governor's Budget Increases Higher Ed Funding
February 21
Board to Vote on Increase in Higher Ed Funding
February 14
Former AT&T Illinois President Named Chair Of Illinois Board of Higher Education
February 8
James Kaplan to Step Down As IBHE Chairman
Janurary 29
Briefing for IBHE to Highlight Innovation As Vital Link to Economic Growth
November 20
IBHE to Act on Grants to Retain Key Nursing Faculty; Noted Economist to Address Board
October 2
Latino Leaders to Highlight Educational Gaps and Opportunities
September 7
Illinois Gains Ground On National Report Card
August 15

Commission Offer Broad Agenda for Improving School Leadership

August 7

Good Data Drives Good State Education Reforms

June 23
Governor Signs Bill to Enhance Voice of Adult College Students in Policy-Making
May 30
Progress Reported in Minority Enrollments, Faculty Ranks
May 9
Higher Ed Leaders Applaud State Budget
May 8
UIC Student Wins Governor’s Award In State Artists Competition
April 20
IBHE Welcomes Challenge to Improve Higher Education Outcome For CPS and All Illinois Students
March 27
Employers Grade Illinois College Grads
March 16
Finalists Named For 2006 Artists Competition
February 15
Higher Ed Leaders Praise Governor’s Budget
January 30
Higher Ed Board To Act On Budget Boosting Student Aid
January 20
IBHE Launches New Consumer Protection Website
November 22
IBHE to Review Report on Bachelor Degrees at Community Colleges
November 1
Summit To Highlight Issues, Challenges Facing Higher Ed
October 20
Former Rep. Judy Erwin Named IBHE Executive Director
October 14
Third Annual Statewide Art Competition Launched
October 10
Faculty Salaries Rise, But Still Lag Behind Peers
August 29
Governor Names John Minogue to IBHE Board
August 15
IBHE Considers Commission to Study School Leadership
August 11
Higher Education Leaders Hail Governor's Action On Course-Transfer Legislation
July 29
Governor Names Former Faculty Members to IBHE
June 1
Higher Ed Leaders Hail Passage of Strengthened Graduation Requirements
May 27
Report Finds Gains In Minority Enrollments, Graduation
May 5
American Academy of Art Student Wins Governor's Award in State Artists Competition
April 13
Matthew DeRosa Elected New IBHE Student Member
April 4
IBHE Supports Higher Standards, Better Schools Plan
March 28
Board to Consider Grants for Teacher Improvement
January 24
IBHE Proposes $2.4 Billion FY2006 Budget
November 22
Performance Report Gives Portrait Of Illinois Higher Education's Successes And Challenges
September 27
IBHE To Act On Measure Opposing Community College Bachelor's Degrees
September 15
Illinois Maintains High Rank on National Report Card
August 6
LaVista Praises Governor, General Assembly For Faculty Diversity Legislation
July 30
Board to Review Budget Outlook
July 9
Summit Seeks To Improve Faculty Diversity
July 2
IBHE Names Acting Executive Director
June 21
LaVista to Head Virginia Higher Ed System
May 28
Report Finds Extensive Efforts to Assist Disabled Students
May 7
Kaplan Endorses ICCB Opposition To 4-Year Community College Degrees
May 5
School Of The Art Institute Student Wins Governor's Medallion In State Artists Competition
April 27
Finalists Selected In Statewide Collegiate Art Competition
April 21
Governor Names Ruiz to IBHE; Students Elect New Member
April 8
Governor Names Alice Hayes to IBHE
April 7
IBHE to Launch New Study of Higher Ed Productivity
January 30
IBHE to Act on FY2005 Budget Recommendations
December 22
Governor Names Steven Taslitz To IBHE
November 25
IBHE to Review Higher Ed Performance
November 21
Statewide Competition To Honor Collegiate Artists
September 29
Board To Review Faculty Salary Report
August 5
Board To Act On Recommendations To Improve Faculty Diversity, Affordability
June 4
Board Elects Tom Lamont As Vice Chairman
May 28
Report Urges Wide-Ranging Steps To Promote College Affordability
May 27
Emeritus Professor At UIS Named To Higher Ed Board
May 20
Governor Names Emeritus Professor To IBHE
May 15
Governor Names Lamont, Carroll To Board
April 02
James Kaplan Named IBHE Chairman
March 26
Report Recommends Steps to Bolster Faculty Diversity
March 12
Board To Hold Hearing On Fiscal 2003 Spending Cuts
February 13
LaVista Pledges IBHE Cooperation on Cost Study
February 12
Kevin O'Kelly Joins IBHE As Student Member
January 28
Plan To Test Student Learning, Enact Performance Measures Top IBHE Agenda
December 4
IBHE to Act on $2.7 Billion Budget
October 2
Report Card Puts Illinois Higher Ed on Honor Roll
September 23
Faculty Salaries Show Gains, But Progress Could Stall
September 12
IBHE Sets Hearings on Minority Faculty Study
August 13
Budget Outlook, Affordability Study Top IBHE Agenda
July 9
New Board Member, Student Representative Join IBHE
June 18
Board Elects Lourdes Monteagudo as Vice Chair
May 29
Affordability, Diversity Top IBHE Agenda
May 2
Governor Names Steven Lesnik New IBHE Chairman
April 2
Chairman Rock, Jane Williamson Step Down from IBHE
April 2
Board Approves Proposal to Curb Use of Fake Degrees
February 20
Budget Revised to Reflect Governor’s Bottom Line
February 15
Daniel J. LaVista Named Executive Director
January 29
Report Urges Steps to Strengthen Role of Part-Time Faculty
December 11
Board Approves $3.8 Billion Budget
September 26
IBHE Agenda Targets College Success
August 15
Faculty Salaries Make Gains, But Progress Is Slow
July 9
Dan Layzell joins IBHE as head of planning, technology
June 5
Keith R. Sanders announces plans to retire from IBHE
May 30
Study Finds High-Tech Worker Exodus Exceeds Other Fields
April 4
Report Shows Minorities Make Gains In Higher Ed
March 15

Board Submits Governors State Report To General Assembly

January 30
Board To Act On Commission To Improve Degree Completion
January 25
Faculty Salaries Rising, But Gaps With Peers Persist
March 28
Minorities score gains in college, but some problems persist
April 15
Higher Ed Officials Voice Gratitude For Budget
May 11
Grayslake Site Chosen For University Center
May 31
Board To Act On New 'E-University' In Illinois
June 6
IBHE Appoints Members Of University Center Board
August 14
Board To Get Report On Hefty Growth In Virtual Classes
September 22
Board Report Shows Higher Education Response To IT Worker Shortage
December 6
Board To Act On $2.7 Billion Budget
January 26
Board to Act on Illinois Commitment Strategic Plan
January 26
Students Rate Universities High, But Find Room to Improve
January 28
Court Bars American Conservatory of Music From Granting Degrees
February 17
IBHE Officials React to Governor Ryan's Budget
March 29
IBHE To Undertake Study of Access and Diversity Issue
May 4
Illinois Video Network Wins National Recognition
May 12
Judge Cites Owners of American Conservatory For Contempt
May 27
Leaders Praise Higher Education Budget
June 1
Governor, Distance Learning Expert to Visit IBHE Meeting
August 6
IBHE expands off-campus boundaries
August 17
Board To Join In Launching Illinois Virtual Campus
September 16
Sanders Appoints New Chief Academic Officer
September 28
Colleges, Universities Link Results To Illinois Commitment
December 7
IBHE budget plan to build on Illinois commitment goals
April 24
Articulation Initiative on the Launchpad
May 5
Arnoldi Re-Elected Student Board Member
May 5
Jerry D. Blakemore Appointed New Chair of IBHE
May 22
BHE Gets Two New Board Members
June 24
Board to Consider Citizen's Agenda for Higher Education
June 24
Joint Meeting to Explore Affordability of College
July 8
New Century Planning Initiative Launched for Higher Education
September 25
BHE to Hear Author Review Affirmative Action Benefits
November 9
Surveys Find Broad Support For Citizens' Agenda Goals
December 8
IBHE To Act On Budget Advancing Citizens' Agenda

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