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  • Higher Education Finance Study Commission Report [ Executive Summary ] .pdf (12/2010)

    During its spring 2010 session, the Illinois General Assembly approved Senate Joint Resolution 88, asking the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) to convene the Higher Education Finance Study Commission.  The central work of the Commission is to align state financing with the Illinois Public Agenda for College and Career Success.

  • Report on Funding of The Illinois Veteran Grant Program, The Illinois National Guard And Naval Militia Grant Program, and The Mia-Pow Scholarship Program .pdf (12/2006)
    This report was presented to the Illinois General Assembly as required by House Resolutions 1039 and 1121 (94th General Assembly). The resolutions directed the Illinois Board of Higher Education, in conjunction with the Illinois Community College Board, to conduct a study of the amount of tuition and fees that Illinois public higher education institutions have waived for the Illinois Veteran Grant, the Illinois National Guard and Naval Militia Grant, and the MIA/POW Scholarship programs.

  • School Leader Preparation: A Blueprint for Change .pdf (8/2006)
    This item summarizes the findings and recommendations of the Commission on School Leader Preparation in Illinois Colleges and Universities.
  • Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics
    This report is presented in accordance with state statute, which authorizes institutions of higher education to grant tuition waivers for the purpose of attaining gender equity in intercollegiate athletics and requires the IBHE to report to the Governor and the General Assembly on the use of gender equity tuition waivers and the progress made in achieving gender equity in intercollegiate athletics
  • Higher Education in Transition: Assuring Quality in a Time of Change .pdf (10/2004)
    This item requests the Board to direct staff to develop a charge to a committee to consider issues of program quality and integrity at Illinois colleges and universities.

  • Report on Governor's Request to Examine College Textbook Prices .pdf (8/2004)
    This item presents a preliminary action plan for responding to the issue of the high price of college textbooks. This proposal is grounded in a report from the California Public Interest Research Group quantifying the problem and reflects the Governor's expressed interest in identifying a strategy for dealing with it.

  • Personnel Policies for Public Universities .pdf (2/2004)
    This item requests adoption of proposed personnel policies for public universities as required by Article 5, Section 5-5 of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (Public Act 93-0615 as amended by Public Act 93 0617).
  • Teacher Preparation and Competency .pdf (2/2002)
    This item reviews the issues and data surrounding recent news articles that examined the record of teachers taking two pre-certification tests - the Illinois Test of Basic Skills and one of the subject-matter exams given prospective teachers in the fields in which they plan to teach. The item finds there are gaps in laws governing the current teacher preparation/certification system that permit poorly qualified teachers into K-12 classrooms; some graduates of colleges and universities cannot pass a test of basic skills at the 9th grade level of difficulty; and schools with high rates of poverty and minority enrollment are twice as likely to have poorly prepared teachers than schools with low levels of poverty and minority student enrollment.

  • Report on Dental Education: A Report to the Illinois General Assembly in Response to House Resolution 334 - Phase II .pdf (2/2002)
    This report addresses issues relating to the recruitment and retention of qualified faculty and the adequacy of facilities and equipment in dental assisting, dental hygiene, and dental laboratory technology programs. The report concludes that most institutions offering these programs do not have significant difficulty in attracting and retaining faculty, nor do they indicate that programs are hampered due to physical facilities or equipment.

  • Dental Education Study Status Report .pdf (8/2001)
    House Resolution 334 directs the Board of Higher Education, in consultation with Deans of the dental schools at Southern Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, to study issues facing dental education in Illinois. This item presents a status report and a general outline for the report, which will be undertaken in two phases. The first phase of the report, which will be submitted to the General Assembly on October 1, 2001, will address recruitment and retention of qualified dental school faculty; technical and equipment needs; retention of dental school graduates in Illinois; and the role of research. The second phase, which will be completed in January 2002, will focus on the recruitment and retention of qualified faculty for other oral health care programs.

  • Update on Intercollegiate Athletics: Board Actions and State Support .pdf (6/2001)
    This item chronicles the Board’s actions concerning intercollegiate athletics, and provides updated information concerning the funding of public universities’ intercollegiate athletic programs. In fiscal year 2000, public universities’ expenditures for intercollegiate athletics totaled $59.1 million, including $4.5 million in direct state support.

  • Increasing Educational Attainment .pdf (10/2000)
    This report updates a 1998 Board of Higher Education study of educational attainment. The report addresses strategies for increasing educational attainment, noting new initiatives in the past two years. The report recommends incentive funding for public universities to offer baccalaureate completion programs in high demand areas through distance education and in cooperation with community colleges.

  • Evaluation Of The IBHE Grant Programs .pdf (9/2000)
    This study examines Board of Higher Education grant programs and recommends strategies to align the programs more closely with the goals of The Illinois Commitment.

  • Public Agenda Survey: Comparison of Illinois Responses to Nation .ppt(8/2000)
    PowerPoint presentation of findings from a survey of Illinoisans conducted by a national polling firm for the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. The survey, conducted to gauge public opinion on an array of issues concerning colleges and universities, demonstrates broad public support for the goals of The Illinois Commitment.

  • Time to Degree: A Report on the Conference .pdf (8/2000)
    This report provides a summary of the key findings of a statewide conference, “Understanding Time to Degree: Different Students – Different Stories.”

  • ILLINOIS HIGHER EDUCATION: Building the Economy, Shaping Society .pdf (4/2000)

  • Persistence, Graduation, and Time-to-Degree .pdf (6/1999)
    This report analyzes data from the Shared Enrollment and Graduation Information System about the attendance and graduation patterns of two groups: students who entered Illinois public universities as first-time freshmen between 1987 and 1992 and students who graduated from public universities in Spring 1998.
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