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  • A Report on Textbook Cost-Saving Measures Undertaken by Illinois Public Higher Education Institutions Pursuant to Senate Resolution 298 .pdf (4/2008)

  • Report On The Feasibility Of Textbook Rental Programs And Other Textbook Cost-Saving Alternatives In Illinois Public Higher Education .pdf (2/2007)
    In spring 2006, the Illinois Senate adopted Senate Resolution 692 directing the Illinois Board of Higher Education, in conjunction with the Illinois Community College Board, to study the feasibility of implementing textbook rental programs at Illinois community colleges and public universities and/or other textbook cost saving alternatives.

    The study concludes that a statewide textbook rental program for public colleges and universities would likely reduce costs for students and yield other benefits, such as ensuring that all students have access to required books and materials. The study further documents that rental programs could be financially feasible if funding for the very substantial initial start-up costs were secured. However, beyond the formidable financial obstacles, certain barriers and limitations would likely restrict the practicability of universal rental programs.
  • Report on Textbook Rental Study .pdf (02/2005)
    This report provides a summary of the information received from Illinois public universities concerning the feasibility and desirability of instituting textbook rental programs.

  • Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics
    This report is presented in accordance with state statute, which authorizes institutions of higher education to grant tuition waivers for the purpose of attaining gender equity in intercollegiate athletics and requires the IBHE to report to the Governor and the General Assembly on the use of gender equity tuition waivers and the progress made in achieving gender equity in intercollegiate athletics
  • Resolution in Support of Enhancing Worldwide Web Access for Students with Disabilities.pdf (10/2004)
    This item recommends approval of a resolution encouraging Illinois public universities to continuously improve Worldwide web access for students with disabilities.

  • Establishment and Appointment of a Committee to Study and Implement Policies Affecting Students With Disabilities .pdf (2/2004)
    This item recommends that the Illinois Board of Higher Education charge staff to convene an advisory committee consisting of disabilities experts to examine "issues related to the development and implementation of more effective information systems and the improvement of the transition from high school to postsecondary institutions of students with disabilities," as well as review budgetary structures and support for students with disabilities in higher education.

  • Policies Concerning Students Called to Active Military Service.pdf (12/2001)
    At the October 2001 Board meeting, staff were asked to review institutional policies to protect student members of the National Guard or Reserves who are called into active military duty. This item summarizes existing laws and policies, and encourages institutions and agencies to continue their efforts to ensure that no student is adversely affected.
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